Bringing Science of Light to the Art of Body Contouring

Bringing Science of Light to the Art of Body Contouring

The science of laser light comes to body contouring with the introduction of SculpSure. This revolutionary treatment is the first to channel laser energy into adipose fat cells, liquefying the cells to create a smoother, leaner body contour. With the ability to target fat without damaging surrounding skin or tissue, SculpSure takes non-surgical body contouring to a whole new level.

Benefits of Targeted Light
Targeted light energy is the key to SculpSure’s success. The laser light is able to penetrate the outer layers of dermis to get directly to adipose fat cells underneath. The laser heats the treatment area to a temperature that effectively destroys the fat cells without harming surrounding tissue. Fat cells are effectively eliminated without incisions, anesthesia or downtime.

Lasers have been used for some time in both cosmetic and medical procedures. The ability to control the light energy so it affects some areas and not others has offered valuable benefits for many patients. However, SculpSure is the first FDA-approved body contouring procedure using concentrated laser light, giving patients an effective option in non-surgical body sculpting that offers dramatic, permanent results.

SculpSure vs. Surgical Body Contouring
Compared to surgical methods of body sculpting like liposuction, SculpSure offers some significant advantages. Liposuction typically requires the use of anesthesia, which increases risks and requires a recovery period after the procedure. Incisions used during liposuction are generally rather small, but they will need time to heal and there is always a small risk of infection or poor wound healing associated with any type of incision.

After liposuction, patients are often required to wear some type of compression garment to encourage healthy blood flow and reduce swelling and bruising. Most patients are able to return to regular activities within 3-4 days after a liposuction procedure, although more strenuous activities may be restricted for much longer.

In contrast, patients undergoing SculpSure do not require any anesthesia or incisions. The procedure takes just 25 minutes to complete and most patients are back to regular activities as soon as the procedure is over. No compression garments are needed after treatment.

SculpSure vs. Non-Surgical Body Contouring
While SculpSure is the first body contouring procedure to use concentrated laser light, it is not the first non-surgical method of body sculpting. CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling to freeze and destroy fat cells without anesthesia or downtime. However, SculpSure does offer some unique benefits over CoolSculpting.

First, SculpSure treatments can be completed in just 25 minutes, instead of the full 60 minutes needed for a CoolSculpting procedure. Patients undergoing SculpSure often achieve desired results in just one treatment session while CoolSculpting patients may require 2-3 treatment sessions to achieve full results. Clinical studies have also indicated patients undergoing SculpSure may see larger reductions in body fat than CoolSculpting patients overall.

SculpSure is a revolutionary method of body sculpting that is now available at Newman Plastic Surgery & Laser Center. To learn more about this treatment, contact our office today at Manhattan: (212) 472-6100, Westchester: (914) 423-9000, Greenwich: (203) 263-9000 or Long Island: (516) 882-1020.

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