This patient is 34 years old, 5’4″ tall with three children. Her lower belly has a large bulge that is somewhat from fat, but mostly from a muscle separation. She had a significant difference between the height of her hips and I was able to tighten the skin slightly more on the left side to make the difference less obvious. Tightening the muscle in the lower belly made her very flat and tightened her waist. The scar now falls well within any bathing suit she wears and she is considering a breast lift.

What This Patient Had To Say About Her Surgery

“This surgery changed my life. I once again feel comfortable in jeans- something I never thought was possible. The recovery was hard for the first three days and at that point I was able to get around OK. I started driving again about five days after the surgery. When I was at Dr. Newman’s office I got to speak with someone who had the surgery only a week before, and someone else who had it about a month before. Getting their perspectives was very helpful for me. Dr. Newman obviously does a lot of tummy tucks and his patients seem to love him! The information he gave me regarding my recovery was very straight forward and honest and everything went exactly as he told me it would. I’m now a member of the Dr. Newman fan club!”