This 30 year-old woman has no children but did have a 30 lb weight loss. She states that with the weight loss her breasts became smaller and droopier. She is happy with her size and has no interest in being any bigger; she just desires an improvement in her shape.

Dr. Newman’s Discussion:

This patient is a good candidate for a lift with a small implant but really did not want to be any larger. She also did not want the vertical scar required to give her an optimal result. The challenge here was to give her enough of a lift without the visible scars. The procedure performed reshaped her breast internally and lifted her breast moderately- not as high as would have been ideal, but without the scar she wanted to avoid. Her result is a good one with a scar visible only around the areola. There is a small scar under her breast as well located in the fold and not visible.

Patient’s Comments:

I went to Dr. Newman because I heard that he sometimes does breast lifting surgery without the typical scars. I have one other friend who went to him and her result was amazing without any scars that I can see! I really did not want an implant. He did recommend a slightly different procedure for me but I opted to have a procedure without the up and down scar and without the implant. The result was a compromise that gave me almost everything I wanted. I went to two other doctors and Dr. Newman is the only one that gave me other options.