This patient is a 32 year-old woman who has two children and is unhappy with her breast shape. She has a loss of volume in her breasts especially in the upper part. She doesn’t mind being a little larger but doesn’t want to look too large for her frame.

Dr. Newman’s Discussion:

Her skin has stretched and her nipples are near the bottom edge of her breasts. The heights of her nipples are at the level of the folds under her breasts so she needs to be lifted in some way. She is a good candidate for under muscle breast augmentation although implant placement will be slightly high for her current breast so the breast itself needs to be lifted a bit.

Procedure: Vertical Breast Lift (Mastopexy) with Small Breast Augmentation.

Implant: 200cc Smooth Round Silicone Gel Implant placed Under the Muscle.

Patient’s Comments:

I met with a couple of surgeons before deciding to use Dr. Newman. I was very impressed by how detailed his discussions were with me about my choices for surgery. I really didn’t want an up and down scar on my breast but after seeing pictures I was less concerned and my own scars now are barely visible. I was really upset with my appearance before the surgery and I feel like this surgery changed my life. And Dr. Newman gave me his cell phone number, which I never used, but it was comforting to have it! He’s the best and Kerri is wonderful!