Sculptra® believes that youthful skin starts from within. With this in mind, the promise of this dermal filler is to work on the skin slowly but surely. This promises to help with a wide array of skin care concerns including minimizing the appearance of wrinkles that is tantamount to age. It also helps increase facial volume that is another known part of the aging process. The solution, however, is recommended only for people with healthy immune systems. Consult with Dr. Scott Newman before undergoing this treatment, and you can easily do this at any of our offices in Westchester, Long Island and New York City areas.

What Sculptra® Does

As we age, the effects of aging are most visible on our face. Looking at yourself in front of the mirror, you will notice formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Getting rid of these signs may be a problem to some but with many effective solutions available, you have nothing to worry about. The good thing is among the better options out there, Sculptra® exists. This skin care solution is used to treat mild to severe wrinkles.

This injectable works differently when compared to other injectable fillers. It targets these skin problems by actually boosting the skin’s natural collagen production. Collagen is essential in order to have not just young-looking skin but a smooth and healthy one. Since the body’s collagen production decreases as we age, products like Sculptra® will be stellar to help you look younger in no time.

Today is a week since my surgery and I just saw Dr. Newman for my second post-op visit. I am so thrilled. First of all his staff is wonderful. I am amazed at how I feel now only one week later. Dr. Newman told me that I'd be OK to return to work this past Monday only 3 days after surgery. Honestly, I didn't believe him but as it turned out he was correct. I returned on Tuesday after surgery last Friday. At this point I have almost no pain and I only have a small bruise on my left side. My result is amazing and exactly what I told him I wanted. I heard from other people how good he is and, to be honest, I'm amazed at how easy this was. Go Dr. N!!!

Benefits Of Sculptra® At A Glance

  • An overall facial lift effect that can last up to two years
  • Restores facial volume as it lessens the appearance of facial folds and wrinkles
  • Expect 80% improvement on treated areas
  • Pre-treatment allergy tests are not needed
  • Gradual change in appearance, making it seem that treatment was not administered

How Sculptra® Is Administered

Sculptra® will only be administered on patients with healthy immune systems. We reiterate the importance of consultation before seeking treatment. You have to go through this rudiment of the process with Dr. Newman. Once qualified, the treatment will then be given. Usually, this is a single regimen given to correct shallow to deep wrinkles and facial folds. The grid-pattern or cross-hatch injection technique is done to achieve results. The regimen can be given in four treatment sessions that are at least three weeks apart.

As the regimen works, you will feel that it addresses more than just the signs of aging. It targets the root cause thus making it result to a longer lasting solution to fine lines and wrinkles. Many have already testified that they are still satisfied with the results of Sculptra® two years after the regimen has been administered on them. The good news is it works on smile lines, marionette lines and on chin wrinkles.

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