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“I love my shape”
5 Star Rating Written on August 1, 2014
I wanted to be big- bigger than Dr. Newman suggested. I didn’t mind a hard appearance to my breasts. Actually, I think I look a little too natural now. I have reconsulted Dr. Newman about doing something to raise my breasts even more. The only option for me is a breast lift, which I don’t want because of the scars. I realized though, that after I put on a bathing suit for the first time, I love my shape and shouldn’t change anything.
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“Happy with my result”
5 Star Rating Written on July 21, 2014
I had seen pictures from other doctors which showed the scars of breast lifts and they were quite obvious. I did not want any visible scars if possible. I spoke with Dr. Newman and he explained that as long as I was agreeable to an appearance where my breasts appeared slightly lower on my chest that he could give me an improved size and shape without the scars of a breast lift. If I weren’t happy with my result I wouldn’t be writing this for Dr. Newman. Not only am I happy, but I have also been back for another procedure and I have already recommended two friends to him. Also, his staff is incredible.
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“I’m happy”
5 Star Rating Written on June 12, 2014
My main concern was that I was so small that I didn’t feel very feminine. I would only wear bulky clothes that would hide my body. I didn’t want to be that big so I only went to a B-cup, but I’m happy. I also spoke to Dr. Newman about liposuction of my stomach. He suggested that I wait and that I will probably like my stomach better after my chest is more in proportion. This was very much the case, and now I like the way I look in jeans and dresses even though the surgery didn’t do anything to my stomach.
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“I love my result”
5 Star Rating Written on May 5, 2014
Dr. Newman was the third of four doctors I met with. He was the first to understand the differences between my two breasts and had ideas about how to make this difference less obvious. My recovery was fast and I flew on a business trip on the fourth day after my surgery. I did have a little more swelling on the right side than the left, but this resolved by about the end of the second week. I love my result, especially the fact that no one knows that I had surgery unless I tell them. I seem to be telling everyone though. If I had the chance to do this again I would have gone just a bit larger.
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“Very comforting and complete”
5 Star Rating Written on April 14, 2014
It was very important to me that I obtain a result which is appropriate for my long narrow frame. Dr. Newman suggested that my implants be placed in a way that makes me more proportioned. He showed me many photographs of other patients including some with exactly my issue. I was even able to speak to one of these patients. This gave me much more confidence and made me more comfortable. I was petrified to do this in the first place. The system in Dr. Newman’s office before, during and after surgery is very comforting and complete and worry-free. It is obvious that he has done this many times before
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“I would recommend him “
5 Star Rating Written on February 4, 2014
I started out completely flat-chested and just wanted something so I can feel a little feminine. Dr. Newman showed me lots of pictures and suggested to me that I go a little larger than we did. I was stubborn and felt that it would be greedy if I went any larger. I love my result and, yes, I do wish I went a bit larger. Dr. Newman did my mother’s breast augmentation so this was the best recommendation I could ever get. I would recommend him to anyone as he was the only surgeon I went to who actually listened to what I wanted.
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