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Best Plastic Surgery Procedures by Age

Best Plastic Surgery Procedures by Age

Plastic surgery has evolved considerably over the years, from procedures restricted to the senior set to treatments that offer positive results to much younger adults today. If you are considering plastic surgery or a cosmetic treatment, it might be helpful to know

Keeping the Fat Off after Lipo

Liposuction NYC

Liposuction is an effective way to sculpt the body by trimming away isolated areas of fat. The procedure completely removes fat cells from the body, indicating the procedure is a permanent method of fat reduction. However, if a healthy weight is not

That Peelin’ Feeling: Chemical Peels 101

Chemical Peels

With many options in facial rejuvenation today, the tried-and-true chemical peel is still in high demand. This procedure effectively exfoliates the skin, removing outer dermal layers to reveal softer, smoother skin underneath. With a variety of peel solutions to choose from, you

Can Botox Treat Depression?


Botox has been described as a wonder treatment for its ability to erase fine lines and facial creases with simple injections. What many people don’t know is that long before Botox became the go-to wrinkle relaxer, the formulation was used

Beauty In Botox


Botox, a minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment that has been around for many years, has proven its worth on many different levels. In addition to its medical benefits in the treatment of challenging conditions like chronic migraines and excessive sweating, this injectable

Tips for Successful Breast Lift Recovery


A breast lift can be a very satisfying procedure for women dealing with the pain and embarrassment of drooping, sagging breasts. This procedure is designed to remove excess skin and tissue from the breasts, restoring them to a more youthful

Say Goodbye to Back Pain!


3 Reasons for Breast Reduction Surgery Back pain is often an uncomfortable side effect of disproportionately large breasts, keeping women from participating in some activities and directly impacting their quality of life overall. The good news is breast reduction surgery

Bringing Science of Light to the Art of Body Contouring


The science of laser light comes to body contouring with the introduction of SculpSure. This revolutionary treatment is the first to channel laser energy into adipose fat cells, liquefying the cells to create a smoother, leaner body contour. With the

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