Treating Asymmetry of the Breasts (See It to Believe it!)

Treating Asymmetry of the Breasts (See It to Believe it!)

Asymmetry in the human anatomy is not as uncommon as you may think. Many men and women experience slight differences in symmetry, for example, as related to foot size, hand size, arm length, facial features, even the organs or the hemispheres of the brain. Most of the time, the asymmetry most people experience is so slight that it isn’t even noticeable, at least not to the untrained eye. Asymmetry of the breasts is not uncommon. Women may experience differences in size, shape, or position of the breasts or nipples, sometimes so mild that it goes unnoticed, but sometimes dramatic enough that a breast augmentation or other surgical procedure may be performed to correct the asymmetries. As much as 25% of women experience some degree of asymmetry, according to the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Asymmetric breast tissue in many cases is benign and a long-term physical attribute. In some instances of asymmetric breast tissue, mammogram results may reveal a medical diagnosis or cause for further testing. If you notice your breasts becoming asymmetrical suddenly or over a short period of time, it is a good idea to get a mammogram or an ultrasound to check asymmetric density in breast tissue for any underlying issues. As always, stay on top of your monthly self breast exams and annual mammograms as appropriate. Breasts that have always been asymmetrical for much of one’s life are usually that way due to genetics, hormonal fluctuations, injury to the breast tissues, or different growth patterns.

Prior to having surgery, women dealing with disproportionate breasts may look intobras for asymmetrical breasts to help offset the difference in size. They may also find stuffing tissue or silicone prosthetics (sometimes called chicken fillets or gel breast enhancers) in the bra cup for the smaller side can help to give a more balanced appearance. Of course, visiting the beach or the pool may leave a lot to be desired when it comes to adjusting this asymmetry, and stuffing your bra is never a permanent solution.

Asymmetrical breast surgery to enhance the lesser breast with a breast implant can be a wonderful long-term solution to uneven cup sizes in the natural breast. A talented, experienced plastic surgeon like Scott Newman MD, FACS can perform a breast augmentation to correct the size difference, with or without increasing the overall bust size. Surgeons can enhance one or both breasts with silicone or saline breast implants to create the patient’s ideal vision for her body. If one breast is significantly larger than the other, a breast reduction can be an alternative course of treatment to help alleviate the asymmetry. To adjust the perkiness of the breasts, to reduce breast sag, or even to help patients with asymmetry of the nipples, a breast lift may be just the right procedure to bring both sides into balance.

Even with surgery, some very small differences may still exist between the breasts. Asymmetry is normal and natural—“perfect” comes in many shapes and sizes. The job of the breast surgeon is to make the breasts’ composition as similar as possible, in terms of the volume of tissue and the amount of skin. Many times the best option is to enhance the smaller breast with an implant while also giving the larger breast a bit of a lift to give it the same shape and bounce as the previously smaller one. As with just about all forms of plastic surgery, each case requires individual attention and specific steps to meet the patient’s desired results. Dr. Newman is highly skilled in breast enhancement surgeries and would love to offer his professional advice. Take some time to review his gallery of asymmetrical breasts before and after photos and get in touch with Dr. Newman’s office to schedule a consultation today!

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