Are You Ready To Deal With The Realities Of Massive Weight Loss?

massive weight loss

Society pushes the weight issue on us all the time, with the media photographing the rich and famous in their toned bodies, to catwalk models all thin and lithe. So, the pressure to lose weight can be immense to some people. Couple this with the fact that a drop in weight can take you out of the obese category and into a healthier one, it should be a good thing, right? Not so. Some people that have experienced massive weight loss have not been prepared to what the ‘new’ them will have to undergo. They may feel good and look good, but there can be psychological issues too, that may occur. Read our article on what to expect.

Sudden Increased Attention

Perhaps when you were overweight, you noticed not many people would talk to you, or even bypass you. There is a very good chance that after your weight loss these kinds of people will suddenly ‘notice’ you. People’s reactions to your before and after photos may also appear cruel, as disbelief to your former self. You need to ignore these people and embrace those that are warm to your success. Also, you may notice that the opposite sex starts to take an interest in you, perhaps when they didn’t before. It has been known that some people regain the weight they lose as they are horrified at the thought of being intimate with someone.

Your Partner’s Support May Waver

While the majority of partners will show their unwavering support in your quest to lose weight, there may be some that don’t. One of the biggest fears is that your partner feels that other people will now want you, or that you will look better than them; they feel threatened. It also makes them think about their own health, and the choices they make on a daily basis. It’s not only partners that can be affected; your friends may feel they no longer have the upper hand on their overweight friend.

Clothing May Feel Odd

Many people that have undergone massive weight loss, suddenly feel anxious and nervous about shopping in shops that do not stock XXXL clothing. Suddenly, you are faced with a barrage of new styles and trends, that you would never have dreamt about before your weight loss. This is the time to embrace it.

Body Shape Expectations

After your weight loss, you might still not feel comfortable with your body shape and size. You may have loose skin, sagging breasts, and a belly, or a flat behind, and they will not go away overnight either. This may make you feel disappointed and slightly depressed, but there are procedures for this that can help.

Losing a lot of weight can be a life-changing event for many people. Your family and friends will be totally behind you, so if you do feel different about the new you, make sure you speak to one of them. If you feel that there are areas of your body that you want to change, then you can also speak to an expert, to discuss what your options might be.

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