Lose Those Man Boobs With Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reconstruction

More and more New York men are turning to male breast reduction in Westchester, Long Island, and NYC due to being self-conscious about their image, with a trip to the beach involving shirts on all day. The development of large breasts – gynecomastia – may run in the family, sometimes can be caused by hormones but the majority of cases occur for no reason at all. Quite often the swelling of the breast has nothing to do with excess fat but all to do with the mammary gland. Man boobs can be detrimental to your self-esteem and may see the sufferer the source many jokes, but with male breast reconstruction, it can change your life forever.

What Are Man Boobs?

The male breast area is what is referred to as man boobs when there is an excess of breast and fat tissue on a man. Due to this excess, it actually causes the male breast to resemble the breasts of a female. For some men, this can cause serious emotional problems, with depression setting in for some males. Sunbathing at the beach, or swimming in the sea is no longer an option while shopping for clothes often finds the man purchasing shirts several sizes up. If you have a large breast area you are most probably overweight and exercise, and a healthy diet can help reduce their size, however, sometimes no number of hours burnt in the gym can remove the stubborn fat. Gynecomastia can also be a hormonal imbalance, or chromosomal problem, where liposuction may be the best way to get rid of the medical condition.

The Procedure and the Recovery Time

If you are going to undergo male breast reduction, you will have a consultation with your surgeon to decide the procedure best for you. This then involves a small incision where the areola and chest skin meet, which is unnoticeable and will eventually fade with time. Liposuction will then take place to remove the excess fat. Most men that undergo male breast reduction are back at work within 2-3 days, however, it can be a week if you want to be safe while listening to how your body feels as it is best not to rush things. It is recommended that you do not do any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting up to two weeks after your procedure.

Before you decide on surgery, there are some factors you should take into consideration. Like how do you conceive your chest area to look after the procedure, will there be any effects on sensation on the nipples post-reconstruction. Are you healthy enough to undergo the procedure? What about the healing period, you will need to take time off work, and will you require assistance from anyone during this time? If there are any complications, do you know fully what they are, or even how to cope with them.

The best way to get answers to all these questions is to book a consultation with Dr. Newman, our board-certified surgeon who will sit down and discuss all you need to know about male breast reduction.

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