Have You Heard Of “Tech Neck”?

tech neck

Have you ever been engrossed while holding your gadget that you seem to be using it all the time? Your hands do the work while browsing through social media and other websites. Aside from your hands, your eyes also have their own task as you read through these pages. Another part of the body that you have to make use of when using your mobile phones and other devices is your neck. In fact, you may not notice it yet but you have already developed a double chin as you use your devices more often. In the medical world, the development of the double chin because of technological devices is called tech neck. Find out more about this in this page.

What is a Tech Neck?

Developing a double chin from using mobile phones and other devices is just one of the signs that you have a tech neck. Other than this, you may also have sagging skin as well as marionette lines from your lips to your chin. Jowling or loose jowls may also be a sign to take into consideration. It might sound impossible to develop all these just because you are using your gadget but science has its own explanation about this incident. Come to think of it, the more you use your gadget, the more pressure you put on the body parts that are in use including your neck. Due to the downward pull of gravity, all these signs show up and you may presume it has developed out of nowhere.

The Importance of Prevention

Among the most common complaints of patients when it comes to their neck are sagging necks and double chins. Overuse of gadgets contributes to these two major complaints. The amount of time you spend looking down at your smartphone can exacerbate crepiness, wrinkles, double chins, and skin laxity. This can be prevented by at least keeping the head at a neutral angle while using your smart phones.

Prevention May Not Be Enough

It is sad to note that while you can prevent tech neck, there is no guarantee you will not chance upon it in the future. Prevention may not be enough most especially if it has already been your habit to bow your head down while using your gadgets. While liposuction may be recommended, a neck lift is the best solution to a tech neck.

This procedure is capable of eliminating sagging skin which liposuction may not be able to work out on. In a neck lift procedure, the expert will usually target the deeper tissue in order to bring it back to its youthful position. Excess skin will be trimmed then re-draped after. The chances of encountering any bruising or swelling are minimal since tension is not applied on the skin and other superficial layers. Another good thing is that the procedure may be recommended for both men and women.

Tech Neck Needs Expert Help

There may be other specific types of procedure that can help address tech neck. There is no reason this problem should bring you down. All you need to do is seek expert help in this regard. If you want to make sure you can get rid of it, a certified facial plastic surgeon will be more than willing to give you a helping hand.

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