Which Brow Lift Best Suits You?

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If you are looking at a brow lift procedure then you should be aware that there are different ones available, so you need to research and determine which one is best for you. Different techniques will result in more or less the same results for your brow lift, but there will be altered effects. Two of the most popular forms of brow lift procedures are the classic forehead lift and the endoscopic one. Read our article on what they are and which one may suit you better.

Classic Style Or Endo-Coronal Brow Lift

This is the classic brow lift and one that is the benchmark for all other styles to be compared to. The eyebrows are elevated while the forehead becomes smooth, and it is known to produce longer lasting benefits when compared to other forehead lifts. Your surgeon will make an incision in your hairline, so there is no visible scar on your face. The skin is then lifted away from the muscles below and trimmed, leaving your hairline higher by around half an inch. This type of procedure is ideally suited to people with thick hair, or if you are a female that likes to wear a fringe, then this is ideal for you. If you are male with male pattern baldness, it is not recommended that you undergo this procedure.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

This forehead lift is achieved without removing any skill at all. Your surgeon will use endoscopic techniques that will involve making several small incisions that are then hidden behind your hairline. A tiny camera (or endoscope) is inserted into your forehead where images are projected onto screens for the surgery team. This allows your surgeon to make small incisions to perform the brow lift, and the brow is then secured in its repositioned state. The tiny incisions are all hidden in your scalp behind the hairline and are not noticeable. If you find you are in your 30s and your forehead is beginning to droop, then you will gain more confidence from this treatment.

Different Techniques For Different Faces

When it comes to men and women, there are differences in their brows, with men having much thicker and lower eyebrows. Men also have a protrusion above their eyes – the brow ridge – with fairly flat foreheads. Women, on the other hand, have eyebrows that are thinner and placed higher above the eyes. They don’t tend to have a brow ridge and have foreheads that are curvier. These differences mean that forehead lifts will lead to different appearances, so any procedures will need to be specifically tailored to the individual of each sex.

With the effects of ageing, loose muscle and skin, as well as the effects of gravity, it is important that you arrange a consultation with your surgeon to ensure you get the results you desire. Our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Scott Newman will sit you down and explain what brow lift procedure is perfect for your face and features. You can guarantee that post-surgery you will feel a million dollars, radiant in your new look.

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