Breast Implants Before and After Photo Gallery

As one of New York city’s top breast surgeons, Dr Scott Newman’s website is viewed by many thousands of people each month who are interested in what the possibilities of breast augmentation can do for them.

Recently speaking with Dr Newman, he shared an insight that made a lot of sense. He commented on the most highly visited pages on his website were the before and after photo galleries.

“People want to see themselves in these before and after images, to get a good idea of what the procedure could possibly do for their figure”, said Dr Newman MD FACS. “In fact one of the reasons I have a large number of before and after shots on my site, is for this very purpose, so that more and more people can search for and find their body shape and picture themselves with this lovely new figure”.

Having performed more than 4,000 surgical procedures over the past 19 years, Dr Newman is a distinguished surgeon in the field of breast surgery. Not only has he pioneered new surgical techniques, he was the very first surgeon to introduce the benefits of 3D imaging to his surgical practice in 2001 utilizing the 3DMD Digital Torso Imager technology. With the advent of such technological benefits, surgeons are able to take the next logical and practical step to assist a patient with being able to image accurately what they are going to look like after their surgical procedure.

“The 3D imaging tools we use simply allow us to take our patients to the next step before going under the knife, so they can get a better idea of what they will look like. You have to remember one thing, people are used to looking in the mirror and more or less seeing the same image of themselves looking back at them for all of their lives, so to be able to make that leap just using their imagination is a big ask. Using before and after image galleries is one step closer to bringing their imagined new self to life. Then comes the 3D imaging which takes patients to the virtual new self, as the projections that are produced by the computer are done on top of the patients own scanned images, giving them an accurate vision of how “they” will look and not just what someone of similar body shape and age”.

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