The Benefits Of Micro Needling

micro needling

Forget Botox, there is a new kid on the block when it comes to your skin looking younger, and it’s called micro-needling. For over 15-years Botox has reigned supreme in the anti-aging market, but this non-invasive way of achieving youthful looks is all the rage. Although it involves hundreds of invisible tiny puncture wounds by using fine needles on your skin, it is virtually a painless yet effective procedure. It is such a delicate treatment that the needles can be used around the eyes, due to the micro-needle length.

How It Works

By pushing micro-needles into the skin and creating the puncture wounds, it stimulates your natural wound healing process, which means there is an increase in cell turnover while collagen and elastin production goes up. This not only reverses aging but it can prevent it too. This ability to stimulate elastin and collagen is why it is in demand, as it helps maintain youthful-looking skin.

Banish Lines And Repair Scars

Micro-needling has minimal downtime, and after just a few sessions of treatment ,there is a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. This occurs by using the body’s natural resources to heal and its ability to trigger new skin cells. It is arguably as close as you will ever get to stopping the body’s aging process while preventing deep lines and crow’s feet on your skin. After using micro-needling on acne-scarred people, there was an improvement in the ability to notice their scars, a study found. It was found that the deeper the scar, the longer the micro-needle was required to benefit its appearance. Micro-needling also tightens loose skin, which is a simple and effective way to retain your youthful looks.

Sun Damage And Pore Shrinking

By stimulating collagen growth with micro-needling, it not only benefits the look of your skin but it can also help reverse sun damage. Micro-needling was shown to be a good treatment for people with brownish and blotchy facial pigmentation from melasma, as the skin was rejuvenated while repairing any signs of sun damage. Not only this but it also helps your pores appear smaller, rather than enlarged as would be imagined. The micro-needling again stimulates collagen both around and in your pores which plumps them up and literally closes them

How Often

Of course, this depends on your type of skin, but normally you would be looking at 3–5 treatments over a 4-6-week period. Further maintenance would be required every 6-9 months to ensure that the maximum results are achieved. Results are often noticeable around three months and onwards as it takes time for the collagen and elastin to boost the skin’s regrowth. It should also be noted that micro-needling is perfect for those areas on the body that are unsuitable for laser resurfacing and peels.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of micro-needling, then make sure you book a consultation with Dr. Scott Newman. He will discuss how the treatment works, how many you may require and what the expected results should be, both in the long and short run.

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