“With age comes beauty” – This is the guiding principle behind the conceptualization of RADIESSE®. These dermal fillers target fine lines and wrinkles on the face and at the same time is considered an ideal solution for those who want to correct any sort of volume loss at the back of the hands. Confident that this treatment is effective to provide solution to skin concerns, this has been included in Dr. Scott E. Newman’s line of services. Consultation is necessary before you even undergo RADIESSE® treatment since people prone to allergy and with other health concerns are not suitable to undergo this procedure.


Aging is inevitable but that does not mean that you cannot seek a solution to signs of aging like wrinkling skin, facial lines and sagging hands. Thanks to science. Dermal fillers like RADIESSE® was invented about a decade ago. The purpose is to bring back volume to target areas and to likewise correct the effects of aging on the face and hands. Once injected, it works to fulfill these promises and will likewise continue to help in the skin’s natural collagen production. The gel will then be absorbed by the body making sure that the body’s natural collagen will be boosted in the process.

It is available in two varieties, namely the RADIESSE® for the Face which provides an instant lift for the face and the RADIESSE® for the Hands which promises to get rid of hand wrinkles.

I had surgery done previously by another doctor and I was unhappy with my results. Dr. N has done surgery on several of my friends and has done more of this than any of the other doctors I went to. In the end this was definitely the right choice.

Benefits Of RADIESSE® At A Glance

  • Stimulates natural collagen production
  • Is proven to last a year or more in most patients
  • Replenishes lost volume on face and hands
  • Is FDA approved to be mixed with the anesthetic lidocaine to help in reducing pain and discomfort which is a common reaction from the injection

How RADIESSE® Is Administered

Dr. Newman will need to conduct an initial consultation session before asserting your candidacy for administering RADIESSE®. This is to make sure that there will be no adverse reactions after the treatment. This will be injected under the skin on the affected area. The filler works immediately in adding volume to the skin just right after it is administered. As it boosts the body’s production of natural collagen, expect long-lasting results which can last up to a year or so.

It is important not to have strenuous activities at least 24 hours after the injections has been administered. This will help in a better recovery less the pains and discomforts commonly associated with injections. Avoid extensive sun exposure as well up until swelling or redness has resolved. Make sure to inform the health care provider once you experience any disturbing adverse reaction right after the treatment has been administered.

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