breast revision surgery

Breast augmentation includes using fat transfer or breast implants to give your breasts, the desired shape and size.  This process also helps you in restoring the lost volume after pregnancy or weight reduction, thus allowing you to achieve symmetrical and round breasts.  For a majority of patients, there are minimal complications, thanks to modern technology and advanced techniques. One of the most common occurrences is the capsular contracture, resulting in scar formation in the region surrounding the implant. The breast may feel very stiff and hardened, calling for this abnormal condition.

What Is The Primary Cause Behind Capsular Contracture?

Although it is known to be an immune response, there is no strong evidence as to why this condition arises. Capsule formation generally takes place when a foreign object, breast implant in this case, is inserted into the body. For most of the patients, it may not be a worry at all, but for a few, the capsule can become very stiff and firm over a period of time.

How Do You Identify A Capsular Contracture?

The most evident sign of a capsular contracture is the feeling of hardness near the implant region. This can either happen in both of your breasts, or just one of them. Also, it may affect you immediately after the surgery or after 5 years or so.  A typical grading scale is used by surgeons to judge the implant condition as given below.

  • Grade I: The breast is in perfect condition with the desired shape and size, as well as softness.
  • Grade II: There is some sort of stiffness in the breast, although it looks normal in appearance.
  • Grade III: There are abnormalities and strange firmness in the breast.
  • Grade IV: This is the worst condition of all, which can be painful at times. It requires immediate medical attention.

It is quite important for the patients to keep an eye on any disorder post breast augmentation. Checking out yourself for symmetry and firmness in the breasts should be your top priority after the surgery. Any sort of carelessness can cost you a lot in the long run.

How To Avoid Capsular Contracture

Given the advancement in technology these days, it’s not quite common to see such an abnormality in most of the patients. Modern techniques in plastic surgery include high quality implants and sub-muscular positioning of implants. An expert surgeon will have a good understanding of the capsular contracture, and getting treatment at the hands of a professional is highly recommended to prevent this condition.

How To Treat Capsular Contracture

The biggest reason why most patients turn towards breast revision surgery is the formation of capsular contracture. Depending upon the grade of the situation and patient condition, there are various non-surgical options available. To determine the best solution, an expert consultation is required. In case the doctor suggests a breast revision surgery, both the contracture and implant are removed, and a new implant is inserted in the body.