Age spots are dots of hyperpigmented skin that can be found on body areas that usually get the most sun. This includes the face, neck, hands and chest regions. Also known as sun spots, brown spots, dark spots or age spots, these skin blemishes are a display of uneven pigmentation brought about by melanin response to excessive sun exposure. Removal of age spots can happen through a number of techniques as discussed below.

Understanding the Procedure

As pigmentation occurs at the base of the top most layer of the skin, age spots are treatable by simply removing this top layer. The new skin which surfaces will be healthier.  A range of treatments exist for removing dead or damaged surface skin including:

  • Photofacials or IPL: This is a light-based skin treatment which target pigmentation in the skin. It uses specific light wavelengths to transfer energy into skin cells, reducing the level of brown and red pigmentation.
  • Laser peels: This technique targets dead and damaged skin cells using carbon dioxide and erbium lasers. The surface layer of skin peels of as a result, resurfacing new and healthy skin which has fewer imperfections.
  • Chemical peels: This treatment involves applying a chemical solution to the skin that makes it peel off. The fresh skin that appears is appears younger, more vibrant and has reduced skin imperfections
  • Freezing (cryotherapy). Using a cotton swab, a freezing agent such as liquid nitrogen is applied to the blemish. This destroys excess pigmentation.
  • Dermabrasion: Dermabrasion is the process of sanding down the top layer of skin using a device with a rapidly rotating brush.
  • Age spot creams: a number of creams are used to reduce the appearance of age spots. These include Retin-A, Hydroquinone, Kojic acid and Vitamin C.

What Are The Benefits of Age Spot Removal?

  • Even skin pigmentation
  • Younger looking skin
  • Improved confidence and self esteem

So professional, and kind. Very efficient, and I didn't feel nearly as uncomfortable as I thought I would talking with him. I was scared to have surgery but he put me at ease and I have never regretted my decision. Great doctor.

Are Age Spots Preventable?

Age spots are brought about by overexposure to UV light in sunlight or from other sources. One can reduce the occurrence and intensity of age spots by guarding against excessive sun exposure. Applying sunscreen before going out in the sun is one way of protecting your skin from UV light. It is also recommended to avoid staying outside when solar radiation is highest, typically mid morning to early afternoon. If one must go out under strong sun, protective clothing such as hats and sunglasses are encouraged.

Which Treatment Method Should You Opt For?

Each treatment has its unique merits and demerits. Some show results sooner than others whereas some cause a bit more discomfort during the procedure. Your current skin condition will also play a part in determining the best solution. Please consult with us to determine which treatment approach will suit you best.

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