Ear Surgery

Otoplasty, or ear pinning surgery, is designed to help reduce the prominence of overly large or protruding ears. Unlike most other plastic surgery procedures, ear surgery is often performed on younger patients. The ears are usually fully developed by the age of six, and many parents prefer to have overly prominent ears corrected early on, since many children with this problem suffer emotional trauma and stress. Dr. Scott Newman can discuss all the possibilities and long-term effects of otoplasty during an initial consultation.

Why Choose Ear Surgery?

The choice to pursue any kind of plastic surgery procedure is a highly personal one. In the case of otoplasty, the choice can be particularly difficult and delicate since many otoplasty patients are so young. Parents and children usually make the choice to have ear surgery because the child in question is suffering from teasing at school due to large or overly prominent ears. Although ear surgery might seem like a drastic measure, the surgery is fairly simple and can make a huge difference to a child who feels left out or belittled due to his ears.

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How Otoplasty is Performed

Otoplasty is performed in different ways depending upon the final goal being sought. If the ears are overly prominent, tissue can be removed from the back of the ear, drawing the shell of the ear closer to the skull. If the ears are disproportionately large, cartilage can be excised from the outer ear, usually in the back so that scarring is naturally hidden. In cases where Dr. Newman must make incisions in the front part of the ear, he will ensure that they are well-hidden in the ear’s natural folds and creases.

The results of otoplasty are almost immediately apparent, although they will be more visible after full healing is accomplished.

For more information, see Questions About Otoplasty.

If you are pursuing otoplasty for a child, Dr. Newman will be especially sensitive to your emotional needs and those of your child. To schedule an initial ear surgery consultation, please contact Dr. Newman’s New York City, New York, Long Island or Manhattan plastic surgery offices.

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