Your initial consultation for breast augmentation at the Advanced Plastic Surgery Center will be in one of our three office locations. You should allow 45 minutes to an hour for this visit, and you should expect to leave feeling that the experience was educational.


As with any initial doctor visit, there will be paperwork to fill out. This will include information about you, about your medical history, and additional information specific for patient’s seeking breast augmentation. You may download these forms and fill them out before coming to the office if you prefer.

I came to Dr. N for Breast Augmentation surgery. He was referred by two other friends who used him for their breast implant surgery. I saw him after having consults with two other plastic surgeons in New York City and one in White Plains. His expertise in this field is obvious just from speaking to him and his staff (who are wonderful!) He actually called me before my first appointment with him which I thought was amazing and made me really comfortable. In the end, the results I have are exactly what I asked for. I love my new breasts!! Thanks Dr. N- I recommend you without reservation.
Vicky S.

Meet with Dr. Newman

You will then meet with Dr. Newman for 30 to 45 minutes. He will discuss the procedure and the many options available to you. You will find the consultation is very complete and that many of your questions will be answered without even having to ask. Still, it is important to get all your questions answered. Patients who do not write down a list of questions will usually forget them, so feel free to bring a list with you.

Dr. Newman will then examine you and review many Before & After photos from previous cases he has performed. These photos will be of individuals who have similar characteristics as you so you can see how their particular case was approached. You can feel free to bring in photos from the web or magazines to discuss as well.

After meeting with Dr. Newman you will meet with Kerri. She will review the office policies with you including appointment and surgery scheduling. Also, as cosmetic breast surgery is Dr. Newman’s specialty, you will likely see other patients in the office who have already had their surgery. Patients will likely be happy to speak with you and to discuss their experience with you as they were usually given the same opportunity to meet with someone before their breast augmentation surgery.

Dr. Newman’s Perspective

“It’s my feeling that it is much easier to make a patient happier when they are well-educated about the procedure, the options, and the entire experience. As a surgeon I understand that being in the surgical environment is an everyday routine for me, but it isn’t for you. I have learned to be sensitive to the fact that no one looks forward to surgery. You look forward to the results, but not the experience itself! My staff and I will do what it takes to make this uncomfortable experience as comfortable as possible.

“During your consultation I will review a lot of information- about the surgery, about the choices available today and, most importantly, how this all pertains to your individual case. It is most important that I learn what you want; after all, in the end you need to be happy.

“Like it or not, even the best surgeons have patients who are unhappy with their results. The trick to avoiding this is through patient education, and me giving you the personal time you need so I can truly understand your objectives. Together we will then make the best decisions for you and give you the best chance that you’ll love your result.”

To find out more about how the consultation process works, please contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Newman at the Advanced Plastic Surgery Center in Manhattan, New York. We also serve all of New York City, including Long Island.

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