Breast augmentation can be performed by Dr. Newman using general anesthesia, IV sedation (“twilight”), or local anesthesia. The choice of anesthesia is based mostly on the patient’s preference, as well as Dr. Newman’s decision.

At Riverside Surgical Services PC, Dr. Newman’s private surgical facility, anesthesia other than local anesthesia is administered by board certified anesthesiologists with extensive experience specifically in anesthesia of the ambulatory surgery patient.

My overall experience with Dr. Newman and his staff was excellent!
My initial meeting with Dr. Newman was for breast augmentation, but after finding out I had breast cancer just a short time later, Dr. Newman was the best doctor I could have asked for to help me through. He assisted my breast doctor in performing my double mastectomy and performed every reconstruction surgery after that, and my results are amazing!!

Dr. Newman believes breast augmentation surgery should only be performed using general anesthesia for several reasons. Most importantly, he believes you will get a better result using general anesthesia for your procedure. Other points are:

  • Contrary to popular opinion, general anesthesia administered by an experienced board-certified anesthesiologist is very controlled and safe. Most anesthesiologists would agree that general anesthesia, administered in the proper environment, is actually safer and better controlled than IV sedation.
  • IV sedation will make you sleepy but doesn’t stop you from feeling pain and discomfort, as does general anesthesia. Therefore, a local anesthetic must be given as well. It is difficult to anesthetize the entire breast using local anesthesia, especially when the procedure involves implants placed under the pectoralis muscle.
  • Typically, at least 50cc of local anesthetic is needed to adequately anesthetize each side. Dr. Newman believes that the local anesthesia alone changes your breast size and shape significantly. Simply administering the local anesthetic additionally causes immediate swelling and bruising that also changes the appearance of your breast.
  • Even though local anesthetic is used when breast augmentation is performed using IV sedation, most patients will shift their weight every few minutes. A mere half-inch move of one shoulder changes the position of one breast compared to the other by a full inch.

 Dr. Newman’s Opinion

“My ability to give you the best result possible depends critically on my ability to judge your appearance in the operating room. It’s my opinion that using local anesthesia for cosmetic breast procedures changes your appearance so significantly that it affects my ability to give you a reliable result. There is no question that avoiding an anesthesiologist for your breast augmentation surgery will lower the cost of the surgery. I feel strongly, especially for breast augmentation, that the benefits of having an anesthesiologist present for your surgery are definitely worth the cost.

“From the perspective of safety, I can tell you that I have operated on family, friends, other doctors and their families in this facility using this same anesthesiology staff. In fact, I had surgery in this facility myself.”

If you have questions about anesthesia and breast augmentation, please contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Newman for an initial consultation. Dr. Newman serves the Long Island, Manhattan, and New York City, New York area.

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