Also known as arm lift, brachioplasty is a surgical procedure that can reduce localized pockets of fat in the upper arms as well as improve the contour of the upper arms and areas near the armpits. This procedure is also effective for reducing the sagging skin around the above-mentioned regions. Whether you are dealing with sagging skin in the upper arms due to normal ageing or after a rapid weight loss process, the sagging skin cannot be addressed through the use of exercises and that’s why brachioplasty is your best cosmetic solution for improving the look of your upper arms.

Understanding The Procedure

During your initial brachioplasty consultation session, your doctor will examine your body type, the natural contour of your arm, and your skin quality. He or she will then discuss the best treatment procedure to take as well as the realistic results you can expect after the surgery.

There are a few techniques to perform the arm lift procedure, including traditional brachioplasty, extended brachioplasty, superficial facial system suspension, and the minimal incision brachioplasty. Excess fats can be removed via liposuction.

The actual technique used has to depend on many factors such as the amount of sagging skin needed to be removed. For example, patients who have undergone bariatric surgery will be unlikely to undergo the minimal incision brachioplasty method because the excess skin that needs to be removed is usually more since extreme weight loss might have occurred.

What Are The Benefits Of Brachioplasty?

  • Effective for improving physical appearance of your upper arms
  • Short surgical procedure
  • Does not involve lengthy downtime during recovery
  • Sagging skin is corrected efficiently
  • Patient can enjoy more wardrobe options after procedure
  • Enhanced self-esteem for the patient
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Are You A Good Brachioplasty Candidate?

In fact, because brachioplasty involves very few risks, adults of all ages can undergo brachioplasty. But if you are above 65 years old, your surgeon may require additional tests to determine your candidacy. Generally, anyone who has flabby arms due to ageing or has experienced sagging skin due to a rapid weight loss is considered an excellent candidate for this procedure. However, it is pertinent to make sure that your weight is stable before opting for brachioplasty because if your weight is hiking up gradually, your after-procedure results will be affected by the weight hike.

Will Scars Occur After The Procedure?

Scars are unavoidable for any kind of arm lift procedures performed but under the nifty hands of an experienced surgeon, the scars can be concealed brilliantly, making them hard to be noticed. The scars will also fade after eight to twelve months so scarring is seldom a big concern for patients who want to undergo brachioplasty.

How Long Will It Take To See The Brachioplasty Results?

The results can be seen instantly after the surgery, but because of the swelling that normally occurs with a surgical procedure, you should expect to see the best results between two to three months. By this time, the swelling would have gone down and your skin would have adapted to the new contour of your upper arms. You will definitely notice that your arms look slimmer and more toned – improving the overall look of your physical appearance.

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