Tummy Tucks: More Than Just Cosmetics

tummy tucks

Many women, after having a baby, seek help from plastic surgeons through a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty. They want the flat stomach they had before they got pregnant. But reports now show that the procedure, when it involves muscle repair, can help with post childbearing urinary incontinence and even reduce back pain for many patients. Learn more from Newman Plastic Surgery in Westchester, Long Island, and NYC.

A Mere Matter of Cosmetics?

Though previously considered a cosmetic procedure, an abdominoplasty can also assist women after labor and delivery with some of the most common physical complaints. Tummy tucks are proving to be far more beneficial than simply as a purely cosmetic surgery.

Post Childbearing Complaints

Women involved in a study on tummy tucks and their benefits had an average of 2.5 deliveries and an average age of approximately 42 years old. When asked what the most often experienced problems were, after having their children, untold numbers of women complained of urinary incontinence and back pain. About half of those women had back pain to such a degree that they experienced moderate to severe disability because of it. For just under half of women who had given birth, a significant concern was urinary incontinence.

Many women, in years past, were simply eager to regain their pre-pregnancy appearance and employed cosmetic surgeons to do so with a tummy tuck or abdominal plastic.

Back Pain and Incontinence Improved

In as little as six weeks after an abdominoplasty, and for as much as six months, back pain continued to improve. After six weeks, improvements in urinary incontinence had resolved as much as they were apparently going to. When types of abdominoplasties were experimented with, regardless of the technique used, improvements in incontinence and back pain were similar.

Mommy Makeovers

In just 2016, in the United States, some 128,000 tummy tucks (abdominoplasties) were performed. After childbearing, to restore the appearance and shape a woman may have enjoyed before pregnancy, something called Mommy Makeovers have become became popular over the years. A tummy tuck is just one part of the complete makeover.

The Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

In addition to the aesthetic improvement experienced after a tummy tuck, and the relief of back pain and urinary continence, researchers have found additional benefits as well. After pregnancy, rectus diastasis (abdominal muscle separation) can occur. Instability and loss of strength in the pelvic and abdominal regions can be experienced. The restoration of that stability and strength, leading to functional improvement, was a result of tummy tucks in many situations.

So, overall, tummy tucks (abdominoplasties) lead to a better life for many women. If you would like to speak to someone about a tummy tuck, or some other form of plastic surgery, we at Newman Plastic Surgery and Laser Center would like to assist you. We use modern, proven techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, and enjoy a solid reputation for excellence. Contact us today to set up a preliminary consultation. The more you know about your procedure ahead of time, the more of an informed decision you can make. This can be the first step to a new and improved you on a number of levels. It’s not just about aesthetics anymore!

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