Breast Augmentation Can Be More Subtle Than You Think

You’re not alone if you’ve considered breast augmentation but hesitated for fear of looking “fake” or “worked on.” Thanks to the over-the-top breast augmentation trends of the past, there’s a common misconception that breast implants can only create disproportionately large, unnatural-looking results. In reality, subtle enhancements are often all it takes to bring your features into …

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breast asymmetry

How To Tackle Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is a condition where one breast is larger or shaped differently than the other breast. Nearly all women have some asymmetry, but most don't actually notice it because the difference is so insignificant. For some women, however, the difference is enough to seek corrective surgery, such as breast augmentation at our Long Island …

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The Fix for Breast Asymmetry

Many women seek breast enhancement surgery to change the size or position of the breasts. However, some women decide to have breast surgery for a different reason – to bring balance and symmetry to their body contour. Women with different sizes or shapes of breasts face profound embarrassment about their bodies, which can affect their …

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