Quick Tips For Battling Oily Skin

oily skin

Oily skin can be an issue for many people, as they try to cope with breakouts or the shiny, greasy look on their face. Caused by an over-active sebaceous gland, the amount of sebum it produces become excessive. Other problems that can occur from oily skin can include clogged pores that have too much dirt and oil in them, while women may find they have trouble with their makeup and are constantly reapplying it. There are many ways to combat an oily skin problem, so read our quick guide on how this can be carried out.

Stick To A Routine

If you have oily skin, then you need to get your daily cleaning routine down pat.

  • Wash twice a day – Resist the urge to keep washing as your facial oil returns, as you will strip your skin of the oil, which will then produce more to compensate.
  • Apply dissolving cleansers – A deep clean while dissolving the oils is what is required. Unplugging pores is essential as it will remove excess dirt and oil.
  • Tone – Don’t strip all of your natural oils from your face, so use a gentle toner.
  • Balance – Applying natural oil to your face will actually help balance out your skin type. Rather than strip oil, which is then reproduced in plenty, by using natural oils you’ll have a balanced look

Tips for Oily Skin

These extra steps, in addition to, your daily routine should help you control your oily skin type and improve its looks.

  • Diet: Are you eating healthily or are you shredding foods high in fat, sugar and unhealthy oil. You should be feeding on fruits and vegetables, lean protein and no sugar-sweetened drinks.
  • SPF: You need sun protection factor on at all times, if you want to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays from the sun, that certainly helps make you age faster.
  • Use a mask: You should be applying a mask to your face at least twice a week. This will aid in the reduction of your oily look for a few days, while they make your skin pores smaller. A mu mask will contain mineral rich clay, that is full of nutrients.
  • Exfoliate: By exfoliating two to three times a week you will leave your face looking smooth and clean, after getting rid of all that dead skin. However, be wary of over-exfoliating as it will only lead to more oil production in your skin.
  • Light moisturizers are good: Heavy creams are of no use to your skin type, so ensure you use a light moisturizer to balance and cleanse your skin. These days, many have SPF 15+ in them.
  • No oil-based cosmetics: This goes without saying. Your make-up should consist of oil-free products only. Find non-comedogenic ones that do not clog pores.
  • Slow down on the powder: Caking on the powder will not soak up the skin’s oil, it may make it produce more. So, apply sparingly, using a matte translucent type.
  • Use witch hazel: This natural salicylic acid toner will help to soak up any excess oil with the added benefit of not stripping your skin.

There are many products on the market that are geared towards people with oily skin, and with some due diligence when it comes to reading the ingredients. You can also use the skills of an expert to ensure your skin does not shine out like a beacon.

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