All About Man Boobs: A Common Problem

Gynecomastia – commonly referred to as Man-Boobs or “Moobs” – is a condition that’s getting a lot of press these days. The BBC recently reported a significant rise in surgeries to reduce male breast mass as more and more men discover there is a remedy for this often embarrassing condition.

Causes of male breast enlargement are varied. First, a little science review…Like the female breast, the male breast consists of both gland and fat. However the hormone that stimulates the breast to produce milk is nearly absent in men so the gland is basically nonfunctional. The male breast is composed mostly of fat and is very susceptible to weight change. Most cases of Gynecomastia result from weight gain.

Some medications – in particular steroids and some asthma medications – affect the growth of the breast gland and Marijuana use has been linked to breast gland growth in men. Young men may see enlargement of the breast in adolescence due to a surge in estrogen production during puberty.

In rare instances, when Gynecomastia results from increased glandular tissue, I surgically remove the glandular tissue beneath the nipple. However, in most cases, Gynecomastia can be eliminated with Liposuction. The results are satisfying and the scars are almost invisible. I use special liposuction equipment specifically designed to remove fat that might be mixed with glandular tissue. If the patient is left with excess skin resulting from the liposuction, I also do skin tightening. This minimally invasive procedure is usually performed as an outpatient procedure. Patients wear a tight compression vest for a few weeks, to reduce swelling and the possibility of fluid buildup under the skin, but return to normal activity shortly after the procedure.

In my experience, nearly every patient I treat is happy with their result – most have the surgery done so they can confidently remove their shirt at the beach. I am most gratified when patients come back to my office with photos of themselves bare-chested on their first vacation after surgery. Man-Boobs no more!

For more information about Gynecomastia, feel free to call me at any of my three offices in New York – Westchester, Long Island and on Park Avenue in Manhattan. Call 1-888-PSURGERY to schedule a complimentary consultation. I can also be reached by email at[email protected].

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