Know The Difference Between Restylane And Restylane Silk

Restylane And Restylane Silk

Lately, have you looked at yourself and to your demise you notice your beauty fading or your facial features are not as they were a few years ago? Have you noticed wrinkles, thinner lips or even fine lines on your face? Do not worry. Technology for facial procedures is here to save you. There are dermal fillers introduced to help give your skin that boost back to youth you need. They are injected to the affected areas to restore the flawless nature of your facial features. Products such as Restylane and Restylane silk are administered to the lips to restore and boost volume.


This is a dermal filler made of hyaluronic substance properties that solve severe folds and wrinkles. They aid in adding fullness and increasing volume from the nasal region to the mouth corners.

Restylane Silk

This is a new filler from the makers of Restylane. It has been professionally optimized to suite lip augmentation. It assists those young people with small lips. For older people, it aids those experiencing reduction in volume, wrinkles above the lip. The results are surely worth committing to follow-up treatment. You get back the killer smile you need.


Restylane is used for lip filling while Restylane Silk restores the lips to their mature stage and vermillion border (the sharp lip demarcation representing change in the epidermis from high to low keratinized internal skin). It is designed to diminish aging signs around mouth and eyes. It also increases cheek’s volume.

Restylane Silk is intended to shape and increase volume of lips, clear fine lines. It uses smaller particles than other dermal fillers because it is a hyaluronic acid. Once administered using ultrafine needles it becomes smoother, easier and the best part is that it is less painful compared to other fillers.

Restylane is known to have been approved for patients older than 18 years in need of nasolabial folds and wrinkles. Those in need of a lip filler need to be over 22 years. Restylane Silk is approved to patients over the age of 22 for sub mucosal lip augmentation and dermal implants.

How Long Does Each Injection Last?

Statistics show that Restylane injections last longer than those of Restylane Silk by far. Restylane injections last about 18 months. Those who got their initial treatment then get their follow-ups 4-9 months later still had visible results on the 18th month. As for Restylane Silk, the treatment lasts for about 6 months. Some patients noticed visible fullness after treatment and others showed improvement after 6 months.


Both fillers are made from hyaluronic acid. This substance is naturally occurring in our bodies and maintaining the skin’s hydration levels, skin elasticity and smoothness. As the body begins to produce lower levels of this substance we develop wrinkles and the skin looses its elasticity. They help restore the damage caused by the loss be it wrinkles or fine lines. The difference is that Restylane Silk has lidocaine. This means you will be more comfortable, and experience less pain (all this depending on your discomfort levels).

You may ask yourself which of these two is the best. It cannot be said for sure because it depends on your situation. Consult a plastic surgeon for the treatment option that will suit you and produce 10/10 results.

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