How Long Does Nonsurgical Body Contouring Last?

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The popularity of nonsurgical body contouring treatments continues to grow as innovative technology enhances the effectiveness of such procedures. A question many patients ask is, “How long do the results last?” The SculpSure® treatment we perform at our Long Island office creates significant results that should last indefinitely. Additionally, there are steps you can take to extend the duration of your results.

How Does SculpSure Work?

Knowing how SculpSure reduces fat is the key to understanding why the results can last indefinitely. SculpSure targets treatment areas with heat generated by advanced laser technology. The FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment “melts” fat cells. Once the cells die, the body naturally eliminates them through the lymphatic system.

During the treatment, the provider wraps the SculpSure device around you like a belt. Up to 4 applicators deliver pulses of laser energy that reach a temperature that is hot enough to kill fat cells below the skin’s surface while leaving other tissues unharmed. The treatment cycles through warm and cool periods. SculpSure eliminates up to 24% of fat cells in the treated area, according to clinical studies.

Not every provider can produce the same quality of results, though. As we explained in an earlier blog post, there are many reasons to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for your SculpSure treatment.

When Do You See Results?

Fat cells targeted by SculpSure die gradually and are removed from the body through a metabolic process called lipolysis. You may see the first results a few weeks following your treatment, but the full results can take up to 12 weeks to emerge.

You can see examples of the results in this SculpSure before and after photos:

SculpSure before and after photos of male abdomen
SculpSure before and after photos of woman's back

Fat cells destroyed by SculpSure are gone for good, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see bulges again in the treatment area. Fat cells that remain can enlarge if you gain weight, and fat may also accumulate in adjacent areas, compromising your results.

Tips for Maintaining Your SculpSure Results

Most patients who can benefit from SculpSure are in fairly good shape already and want to reduce fat in trouble spots, such as the abdomen and flanks. Remaining active, including exercising regularly, is the key to maintaining your results.

Other tips to follow to extend the duration of your results include:

Follow a nutritious diet: Healthy eating that includes nutrient-rich foods and not consuming more calories than you burn is essential for keeping your weight steady. Avoiding weight fluctuations helps preserve your SculpSure results.

Drink plenty of water: To maintain your results, think hydration, hydration, hydration. In addition to drinking water throughout the day, eat foods with high water content to ensure your body has the fluid it needs to function well. 

Make sleep a priority: Getting a good night’s sleep—both in the number of hours and the quality of sleep—plays an important role in weight management, according to numerous studies. Waking up feeling rested helps you stick with your food and activity plans for the day, so make it a habit to go to bed early enough to ensure you get plenty of sleep.

Rely on your plastic surgeon’s treatment plan: There isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment plan that addresses the needs of every patient. You may need multiple treatments to get the long-lasting results you want.

Consider complementary procedures: Fat reduction procedures can be paired with nonsurgical skin tightening treatments to enhance your results. Laser skin treatments, such as Renuvion® or Secret™ RF, tighten the skin to enhance and support your SculpSure results. 

If you want to learn more about your SculpSure options in New York, please get in touch with my plastic surgery offices in Westchester, Long Island, or Manhattan. You can request a consultation using the online form or by calling (914) 423-9000 to schedule an appointment.

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