Don’t Fall For Common Misconceptions About Injectables!

common misconceptions about injectables

Injectables have become a common thing these days, with a majority of people accepting injections as a common way to soothe the effects of aging. Educated consumers have made its popularity even more evident, with extensive research and trust in the system. However, there are many myths circulating around injectables that need to be debunked.

It Gives You An Overdone Look

Anyone opting for injections look for natural improvement and results within a quick time frame, and a majority of them achieve desirable results, by seeking assistance of an expert plastic surgeon. On a very rare occasion, you would see someone undergoing a series of injections, only to be left with an overdone look. Deceitful surgeons may prescribe a number of fillers in order to make more money, by luring the people into believing something that is never going to happen.  A successful surgery is all about a good surgeon, with proper training and experience.

Injectables Are All The Same

When it comes to reducing wrinkles, various injectables work in different ways. Botox weakens the overactive muscles, responsible for causing eyebrow furrows and deep frown lines. Even though they are extracted from a toxin, it is purified to provide the required effect.  On the other hand, dermal fillers like Sculptra, Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse and Juvederm are made from gelatin substances that stimulate collagen production, fill wrinkles and add lost volume.

The Injections Can Be Painful

Needles can be scary for many people, but cosmetic injection is different from a tetanus one. A small needle is used to deliver the liquid, and there is little to no bruising or swelling. Topical numbing agent or anesthesia is generally used, but it is usually a pain-free experience, if you are getting the injection from a trained professional.

You Can Get Botox From Anywhere

Botox has become such a common thing that you get it anywhere and everywhere these days, even at lucrative discounts. However, you should keep in mind that fillers that cost more are likely to last longer. Some rare results that lead to catastrophe is generally due to improper technique and lack of medical training.

Injections Are Equivalent To A Facelift

Minimally invasive injections are a great way to improve natural contours, reduce scar appearance, soften the appearance of wrinkles, and plump thin lips. There are certain limitations to injectables, and they may not last as long as facelift. If you are not interested in frequent maintenance, it’s better to go for facelift.

Results Are Permanent

This is not only a myth, but one of the biggest lies one can tell you. Injections are never meant to be permanent, and repeated process is necessary to maintain the desired results.  The length of time for which the effect lasts will depend upon a number of factors. Sun exposure is one of the primary reasons for diminishing the effect of injectables. Patients are advised not to work for at least a day after injection, but it is a myth that exercise can reduce the effect of injections.  If you need a permanent solution, better to go for surgical facelift.

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