Consult with an Experienced NYC Breast Implant Surgeon

When considering a NYC breast implant surgeon, it’s of the utmost importance to ensure that you are working with an experienced surgeon dedicated to patient care. Dr. Scott Newman, specializing in NYC breast implant surgery, has performed over 4,000 surgeries and has the insight and experience to make sure that you are in full and capable hands- a non-negotiable when it comes to you and your body.

Before you start looking into breast enhancement options, it is important to visit and consult with a doctor whom you can trust to provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the options available to you, and what you can expect pre-op, during the procedure, and post-op. Dr. Newman and the entire team at Newman Plastic Surgery will provide you with a thorough explanation of the benefits and risks associated with breast implant surgery so that you can make an informed decision.

Whether you are considering saline or silicone or need to discuss size and other important details, Dr. Newman has vast experience in all capacities. Dr. Scott Newman , one of NYC’s most experienced breast implant surgeons, has four offices in the tri-state area that are technologically advanced and ready to assist you with your cosmetic surgery needs.  Simply give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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