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Why Are Facelifts Still Relevant Today?

Are facelifts still relevant with all the advanced facial creams and skin treatments dominating the plastic industry these days? Yes, facelifts procedures are definitely still a necessity as it can address multiple areas why may require anatomical changes. Read on to find out more about facelifts and how it is still relevant for one to …

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Kybella Can Chase Away Your Chin Troubles!

The solution to your double chin has finally arrived! Kybella double chin treatment is a United Stated Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approved, non-invasive method to removing your double chin, helping you to achieve the sharp and appealing profile you desire. Chin up as we share more about the key to your double chin troubles. …

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rhinoplasty and snoring

The Link Between Rhinoplasty And Snoring

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose job surgery, is very popular to young patients who want to reshape their nose and refine its tip. More often than not, it is performed for cosmetic reasons. There are instances however when the procedure has to be performed for non-cosmetic reasons including reconstruction of the nose that has been …

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turkey neck

Getting Rid Of Turkey Neck

Aging or weight gain are not the only reasons behind the occurrence of turkey neck, since genetics also plays a part in developing a double chin. Irrespective of why it happens, there are many ways to treat this disorder. From minimally invasive surgery to non-surgical methods, here are a few ways to restore the contouring …

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brow lift

Which Brow Lift Best Suits You?

If you are looking at a brow lift procedure then you should be aware that there are different ones available, so you need to research and determine which one is best for you. Different techniques will result in more or less the same results for your brow lift, but there will be altered effects. Two …

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Post Otoplasty Care

It won’t be long until you can show your family and friends your new look, after undergoing an otoplasty procedure, and compared to other plastic surgical procedures the wait won’t be too long. You will be brimming with confidence at the amazing reaction you get when people see you, yet you still need to ensure …

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fillers or facelifts

Do Celebrities Prefer Fillers Or Facelifts?

It’s not just the general population that are enjoying the benefits of cosmetic enhancement, as celebrities are undergoing popular fillers and facelifts. Many benefit from changing the aging appearance, but which treatment do they prefer? We look at the benefits of both. What Is The Difference? Injectable fillers: A minimally invasive treatment like injectable fillers, …

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