Breast Lift — Auto Implant New York Mastopexy

Breast Lift — Auto Implant New York Mastopexy

There are many women out there who would like to reduce the sagging in their breasts. Unfortunately, opting for a breast lift procedure without also adding breast implants usually leads to a reduction in breast size. The auto implant technique is a great way to reshape the breast tissue without the need for implants.

When it comes to breast lift surgical options, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Newman uses every available technique. He advises the auto implant technique for several of his patients, because it allows the patients to utilize their own tissue.

During the procedure, a flap of breast tissue is taken from the bottom area and moved upwards against the chest wall, which creates fullness in the upper portion of the breast and helps to reshape it.

To learn more about the auto implant breast lift or any of the other available techniques, contact the New York office of Dr. Newman.

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