Breast Augmentation Recovery — New York Post-Operative

Breast Augmentation Recovery — New York Post-Operative

After your breast surgery by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Newman is complete, you must make the transition into the post-operative phase known as breast augmentation recovery. Most often, patients are given a bit of time to let the anesthesia wear off in a comfortable waiting room before they are free to be driven either home or to an aftercare facility.

During breast augmentation recovery, patients can decide where they would be most comfortable during the healing process. If they prefer a private aftercare facility with the amenities of a hotel and the medical attention of a hospital, Dr. Newman’s staff can offer recommendations. Those who stay home should be accompanied by a responsible and capable adult for the first couple of days.

For more information about the breast augmentation procedure, contact Dr. Newman to set up a consultation at his New York office.

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