Best Plastic Surgery Procedures by Age

Plastic surgery has evolved considerably over the years, from procedures restricted to the senior set to treatments that offer positive results to much younger adults today. If you are considering plastic surgery or a cosmetic treatment, it might be helpful to know which procedures are the most popular for the different age groups. Check out this list from Newman Plastic Surgery & Laser Center that gives you the most requested plastic surgery procedures by decades.


During your 30s, you are likely working your way up the career ladder and raising your family. This is an age when people might choose procedures to correct minor imperfections that have bothered them throughout life. Nose reshaping, facial augmentation using implants or breast augmentation are common choices during this time.

The 30-something set may also find their metabolisms already slowing down, leaving them with isolated deposits of fat that get in the way of their body profile and their positive self-image. You may seek out non-surgical body contouring, liposuction or even a tummy tuck to give you the edge needed to maintain that more youthful body contour. Women may also seek out a breast lift once they are finished having children to reverse sagging and restore the breasts to a higher position on the chest.


By the time you celebrate your 40th birthday, the signs of aging will have almost certainly appeared. Early symptoms like fine lines and wrinkles and mild skin laxity may be making you look much older than you actually feel. Those signs may be particularly prominent around the upper face, including the forehead, brow area and around the eyes. Brow lifts and eyelid enhancement surgery are often the procedures of choice at this age to turn back the clock on the appearance.

At this age, non-surgical treatments may also be recommended to create a more youthful appearance and ward off the necessity of surgery just a little longer. Injectable procedures effectively smooth away facial creases and reverse mild skin laxity, while laser technology can be used to reverse sun damage and rejuvenate the condition of the skin.


By the time you reach your 50s, surgery may be the likely method for addressing more significant signs of aging. This is a common age for facelifts, surgical procedures that firm and tighten the skin while smoothing away deep facial creases. Facelifts also effectively correct jowling and the double chin appearance that becomes more prominent at this age, particularly when combined with neck lifts to offer even more dramatic results.

Patients may opt to combine their surgical procedures with injectable treatments or laser skin rejuvenation to further enhance the results of their surgery. Injectable treatments offer additional help in reducing the appearance of stubborn wrinkles while laser rejuvenation treats a variety of skin issues and creates a more consistent texture and tone to the skin.

After the 50s, patients may still decide to pursue surgical procedures and other types of cosmetic treatments to achieve or maintain a more youthful look. In most cases, there is no age limit for surgical procedures as long as the patient is in good physical health and has realistic expectations about the results they can expect.

With many treatments and procedures to choose from today, you can enhance your appearance at just about any age. To learn more about any of the procedures listed here, contact Newman Plastic Surgery & Laser Center to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Newman today (914) 423-9000.

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