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How To Make Your Calves Look Smaller

As winter comes, most women trade their ankle boots to thigh-high boots that protect their legs from frost bites. It is often saddening for some women as they cannot fit into some boots due to their large calves. These thick calves tend to cause "boot bulge" which does not allow for the zipper of the …

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neck lift for men

Neck Lift For Men

Throughout time, the neck has been and still is one of common areas of your body that show signs of again.It may begin with changes to the definition of the jaw or loose skin around the chin. Overtime, fat accumulates and the skin around the jaw sags making your chin and jaw blend with the …

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Post-Abdominoplasty Recovery Tips

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure which has the sole aim of tucking in the excess fat in a person's tummy. Of all the cosmetic surgeries in the United States, it is a very popular type of body plastic surgery. It however has a slightly complex nature. A tummy tuck procedure in NYC may involve the …

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NYC medspa

Choosing A NYC Medspa Like A Pro

Medspas are located in almost every corner these days, but not all medspas are equal or as capable as some others. Below are listed a few things you need to know before choosing a medspa and laser skin treatment center: Heavy Discounts on Procedures You need to ask yourself "Why are the prices that low?" …

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skin care tips for the winter

Effective Skin Care Tips For The Winter

As winter sets in, the temperature drops and this in turn makes the skin dryer. For different individuals, the skin reacts differently to winter but in general, people will experience extra sensitivity in their skin and also, it would begin to dry and peel off. The winter weather is not fun for the skin, as …

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