Though many people associate cosmetic surgery for the breast with breast augmentation, breast reduction is also a commonly chosen procedure. Oftentimes, breasts that are disproportionate to a woman’s body can cause discomfort and pain around the back and neck, creating difficulties in activities such as running, working out, or just simply getting around comfortably. Additionally, what may start out as discomfort with the breasts could actually lead to serious, irreparable back and shoulder problems in the future. Just wearing a bra or swimsuit can rub on the skin, causing open wounds or calluses, which are two other problems associated with over sized breasts.

With his extensive experience in cosmetic surgery for the breast, Dr. Scott E. Newman is also skilled at breast reduction, and is happy to discuss the possibilities for breast reduction with potential patients during a free initial consultation. You don’t have to live in pain and discomfort often associated with having large breasts. Find out what your options are by visiting one of Dr. Newman’s offices today.

I was a bit nervous before going to see doctors and I saw two others before choosing Dr. Newman. He clearly knows what he's doing, knows how to explain it, and knows how to make a patient feel comfortable. My sense is that he does more breast surgery than anyone around and his entire staff is knowledgeable. In fact, while I was there for my first visit, there were three other patients there who had the same surgery within the past two months. I spoke with two of them and they gave me even more confidence in Dr. Newman. Although he was a little more expensive than some of the other doctors, it is so clear that you get what you pay for. A friend of mine chose someone else because the cost was $1000 less. She just went back for her third surgery. I would suggest that anyone in NY thinking about breast surgery should at least talk to Dr. Newman. I have now sent three friends and my sister to him. I couldn't give a better recommendation than that!

Who is a Candidate for Breast Reduction?

Women with particularly large breasts often suffer side effects from having to carry the weight of their breasts on a daily basis. Back problems, shoulder pain, and other issues often bring these women to pursue breast reduction. In addition, very large breasts can lead to problems finding clothes that fit properly, and can interfere with the ability to enjoy activities like sports or even jogging.

If you suffer from back pain, general physical discomfort or other complications due to the size of your breasts, you might be a good candidate for breast reduction. You should also be in good health overall and have realistic expectations for the results of the surgery.

How a Breast Reduction is Performed

The procedure for a breast reduction is similar to that used for a breast lift. In most cases, an anchor-shaped incision is used and fat tissue as well as excess skin is excised to reduce the overall size of the breast. The nipple and areola are usually relocated so that they sit in a more natural position on the smaller-sized breast. If the nipple and surrounding areola must be drastically relocated, it might be necessary to sever nerves that serve the area, resulting in a permanent loss of sensation in this part of the breast.

Recovery time for a breast reduction is similar to that for other breast procedures. Although your breasts can take from six months to a full year to settle into their new contours and shape, you will be able to see and benefit from the changes in your body and the reduced weight of your breasts right away.

Expectations and goals for breast reduction surgery vary from patient to patient. For more information about breast reduction and a realistic assessment about what you can expect from the procedure, please contact the Advanced Plastic Surgery Center in New York City, New York to make an appointment for a free initial consultation with Dr. Newman.

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