Men who want to enhance their physique can opt for men’s body contouring. Having a well-defined chest and body has long been a sign of masculinity, but this ideal eludes many men, even if they committed themselves to a rigorous exercise routine and diet. What’s more, some men suffer from gynecomastia, which is a condition of having excessive breast tissue. This condition makes it extremely challenging to achieve a toned, flat chest no matter how many times they hit the gym, do pushups, etc. That’s where men’s body contouring procedures can help.

Understanding The Procedure

For starters, body contouring plastic surgery is not just for women. There are many men who wish to obtain a more desirable body due to reasons of aging, massive weight loss, and more. There are a number of problem areas that men’s body contouring can target, which includes:

  • Eliminating excess fat and skin from one’s upper arms. After massive weight gain and loss, the individual may develop unwanted flabbiness of his arms. A combination of brachioplasty and liposuction can correct this problem. The latter can also be performed in an array of areas such as the ankles, knees, thighs, buttocks, hips, flanks, back, abdomen, arms, neck, and face.
  • Reducing the size of one’s enlarged male breasts. Hereditary causes, underlying disease, hormonal changes, drugs, etc. are possible contributors to this condition. Men’s body contouring can help reduce the size of male breast, and make the individual feel more confident about his appearance.
  • Reshaping the waist and flattening the abdominal wall. In some instances, liposuction of the abdominal wall is done in combination with an abdominoplasty. This process normally involves the removal of excess skin and fat.

What Are The Benefits Of Men’s Body Contouring?

  • Gain a more attractive figure after massive weight loss in a short amount of time
  • Help relieve physical discomfort caused by chafing or irritation of excess skin
  • Gives a huge boost in self-confidence
  • Gain a flatter and more toned abdomen
  • Body contouring procedures are safe as they have been performed for decades
This site was really helpful for me while I was trying to decide if I wanted to have liposuction, so I wanted to post my experience in hopes that it would help someone else trying to make the decision for themselves.Read More I am about 5’7 and my weight fluctuates between 140-145 pounds. I am very active and work out 4 times a week on average. That being said, I have been “fighting” with my outer thighs my entire life. I have tried a million different diets, and every kind of workout, and nothing has really helped. To put it in perspective, I have a size 2 waist and size 6 thighs. I am a curvy woman, and had no desire to change that, but just wanted my upper and lower body to be more proportionate.
So, for my 30th birthday, I decided to have liposuction on my outer thighs. The doctor I chose, Dr. Scott Newman, suggested that I do my inner and outer thighs, my banana roll, and my inner knee, so I went ahead with all 4 areas. I am writing a separate (great) review of him and his staff on the doctors review page.
I had my surgery yesterday, so this post describes my experience thus far. He made a total of 6 incisions, 1 in my groin, 1 under my butt, and 1 on the back of my knee on each leg. The surgery only took about 90 minutes. I was under general anesthesia, so I went to sleep and woke up when it was over. So far the recovery has been pretty easy, and I have only needed to take tylenol and not the vicodin they prescribed me. I was able to shower today and remove the compression garment I woke up in. I was pleasantly surprised! I am definitely swollen and a little bruised, but it’s not bad at all. I can already tell that it has maade a huge difference. I will be posting as my recovery goes on, but so far so good…very good.
I purchased a bottle of Arnicka from my doctor to help with the swelling and bruising because I tend to bruise pretty easily. It seems tohave worked for me and I would highly recommend it. I am barely bruised and not that swollen. I can’t guarantee that it’s due to the Arnicka, but I can’t say that it’s not, either.
The only negative part of this experience was that they never mentioned that they would be inserting a catheter during the surgery. I would have liked to have been forewarned that a side of effect of that can be the inability to urinate for a few hours after the procedure. It took about 6 hours or so before I was able to go, and it made me really nervous and worried because it was unexpected and I didn’t know why I couldn’t go. Other than that, everything went really well and has been great so far. I can’t wait for the swelling and bruising to go away and to see even better results.
For me, this decision, and the experience thus far has been totally worth it!

How Long Do The Results From Men’s Body Contouring Procedures Last?

To ensure the results of your body contouring procedure lasts as long as possible, it is imperative that you maintain your weight by adopting a healthy, nutritious diet and stick to regular exercise routine. Although gravity and the processes of aging are inevitable, you can prolong good skin quality by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Can You Shower After The Procedure?

If you chose a men’s body contouring option that involves going under the knife, you are recommended to do a light sponge bath. For the first two days after the surgery, you should refrain from full baths in order to not manipulate any stitches or dressings. When your dressings have been removed (may happen on the third day), you will be able to shower as per normal.

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