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This patient is a 42 year old woman 5’7″ tall. She wanted to be larger with a natural shape, but wanted a result that would not interfere with exercise. She had one child and feels that she’s lost most of her fullness in the upper part of her breasts. She likes to wear clothing that’s a bit revealing and wants to look good in both a bathing suit and work clothes.

Implants: Saline Implants Placed Under the Muscle- 320cc

What this patient has to say about their surgery:

“I live in Florida and I came up to see Dr. Newman because a friend of mine had her surgery with him. I was so impressed with the time he gave me on the phone before we ever met. In fact, I sent him photos by email and he called me to discuss my case before I ever came to see him in New York. He really gave me a lot of his time and went through many photos to be sure he understood what I wanted. Living in South Florida I know many women with implants and I’m not happy with most of what I see. I found Dr. Newman to be a bit more expensive than the typical Florida doctor and, now that I have had my surgery, I think my choice was the right one. I got exactly what I was looking for and I’m glad Dr. Newman talked me into being a bit larger than what I was first considering.

I also was considering liposuction for my stomach and Dr. Newman actually talked me out of doing it! He explained that I’d probably like my stomach better once I have my breast augmentation and that he would put my implants in slightly differently to achieve this. Whatever he did worked and I’m glad I took his advice. I now have friends from Florida going up to New York to see him. It’s time for Dr. Newman to open an office in Florida!”


VECTRA 3D Imaging Machine

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