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This patient is a 44 year-old woman 5’4″ tall 118 lbs. She presents with skin that is stretched and breasts that are widely separated. The left breast is clearly larger with fullness below the nipple not present on the right breast. A slightly larger implant was used on the left side and a dual-plane breast augmentation technique was used to raise the left breast slightly compared to the right. A larger implant would have been needed to move her breasts closer together but this is not what she desired.

Implants: 300/325cc Round Smooth Saline placed under the muscle. Dual Plane Technique on Left.

What this patient has to say about her surgery:

“I went to two other doctors for consultations after I spoke to Dr. Newman. Honestly, Dr. Newman was a bit pricey! Neither surgeon even mentioned a way to treat the difference in my two breasts other than to just use different sized implants. One thought my only option was to do breast lifts. Dr. Newman explained the differences between my breasts to me in a way that made me understand my options. He felt that he could get a result on my left breast that, although maybe not perfect, would correct my issue enough to make me happy, while avoiding the scars of a breast lift. In the end, I’m thrilled. I feel like, although I paid a bit more than I expected, I got what I paid for. I’m happier than I expected to be with my new breasts! I would recommend Dr. Newman to anyone.”


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