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This patient is a 29 year old woman 5’3″ tall who works out a lot and has very developed chest (pectoral) muscles. Her breasts were very small to start with and wanted to be a full C-cup and this presented a dilemma. It was my feeling that an implant large enough to make her a C-cup would be a very tight fit under her thick chest muscle and would likely be uncomfortable with the level of upper-body exercise she’s used to. My suggestion was either to place the implants over her muscle, or to use smaller implants under the muscle. With her low percentage body fat I also felt that placing the implants over the muscle would give her a very round unnatural appearance. Together we decided to put smaller implants in under the muscle and she requested that I decide on a final size for her during surgery. The plan was to use the largest implant that I felt fit comfortably under the muscle. Her result is that she’s a large B-cup for her frame and has a shape that appears a little ‘tight’ that will ‘soften up’ over time (this is seen in the first set of photos below.) Her ability to exercise is not affected and she understands that in time, once the muscle stretches out, these implants can be changed for a larger size. She is very happy with her result but does wish she was bigger. It’s important to know that this surgery was performed before silicone breast implants were re-approved for cosmetic procedures. If silicone implants were available for this patient I believe they would have been a better choice and that she would have achieved a much ‘softer’ appearance.

Implants used: Round Smooth Saline Implants placed Under the Muscle- 250cc

What this patient has to say about their surgery:

“This surgery was the best thing I have ever done. As a personal trainer it was important to me that surgery wouldn’t interfere with working out. Dr. Newman operated on friends of mine who are also trainers and they look great. It was so impressive to me that he took so much time explaining my options and I honestly went back and forth about placing my breast implants over or under the muscle. I love my result, especially that I kept an ‘athletic’ appearance in clothing. Honestly, I do wish I went a bit bigger but I agree with Dr. Newman that it would haven given me a really fake appearance. I’m thinking about changing them to larger silicone implants that Dr. Newman feels will now fit under my muscle. Unfortunately, when I did my surgery, silicone implants were not yet available. Before my surgery I was almost completely flat and, although I worked out all the time, I never really liked my body. Now I find myself loving the way I look and showing everyone! Thanks Dr. Newman!


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